Are You In Need of a Car Park Resurfacing? Why Do You Need It?

“First impression is the last impression” ever heard this before? It’s not your shoes they see first of all when they come to see you. No sir! Whether it is your staff, students, visitors or clients; the first thing that they see is the car park. It makes the hit that starts shaping the impression that yours respectfully would have of you.

Do you think that your car park is presentable enough? Not sure? No worries. Go take a tour of your car park and look for the signs stated below. If you come across any of these signs then you need some car park resurfacing.


As we age, we get wrinkles. But as the concrete and the asphalt on your cark park ages, it shows cracks as the sign of aging. These can actually damage your car pack as it can damage the overall look of it.

However, if you catch them early enough they can be remedied. When people usually see the tiny cracks, they ignore it. As a result, much like cancer, it keeps increasing and then at a point it goes beyond any kind of repair.

You are not going to be one of those people, because you are much wiser. So if you see any cracks forming on you are going to get your car park a makeover.

You don’t want to have the whole concrete the removed and the car park re-constructed from the scratch. So you will get all the little cracks filled and make your car park as good as new.

Fading of the Car Park

Yet another sign of aging for the car park, fading of its colors. There can be many reasons for that to happen. It could either be because of the diversely changing weather or because of a bigger reason i.e. the UV exposure.

These UV rays damage the deep dark color of the parking lot and start turning it into something grey. If you have seal coating, well and good, but there’s only so much damage that can endure alone.

When it looks like it has given up and is no longer effective, it is better for you to get the resurfacing. These may also be caused due to the spilling of certain chemicals or oil. It may not look like such a big deal but may actually end up degenerating your car park.


Potholes are another car park disease. Not only do they not please the eye (of your visitors specially), but they also pose a real threat. They can cause some real damage, not just to the vehicle but also to the drivers.

Potholes are usually formed when the soil under the pavement usually contracts and expands due to the conditions. It is usually due to the change in the weather conditions of the area.

It can also be due to the water that can sweep through the crack (here it is again), and then during the colder weather it freezes under the pavement and thus expand. But when the warmer weather comes again, it melts away and created a space under the pavement. This causes some real damage to the pavement ultimately causing potholes. You should get a car park resurfacing straight away before something unpleasant takes place.


If you pay attention, you may have noticed some kind of bucking and warping when a heavy vehicle passes through your car park or the foundation falters. This calls for damage repair.

You may not need a complete makeover and just a touch up might suffice. But then again, it may be in desperate need of resurfacing or even a complete reconstruction – depending on the damage.

Pooling Water

Water seems not to be a friend of your car park. When it rains, the water usually settle in the car park. This can be sue to various reasons one of them being the unleveled car park surface.

Longer the water remains, more it will hurt the pavement. This may not necessarily indicate that you need a car park resurfacing, it may be just a drainage issue or the leveling problem. But it can only bring you good if you get your car park some water proofing.

Why Do Resurfacing?

You may wonder why pay so much attention to a car park, because that’s all it is. Here are some of the reasons that you might want to have it resurfaced.

Keep the Outlook Smart

If you have an amazing office building, but a very bad-looking parking lot, this may bring down the overall looks of the place. You don’t want your place to look untidy, do you?

Prevent Damage to Vehicle or Driver

As mentioned, many of these signs and problems can actually cause real damage to the driver or the vehicle. Resurfacing may after all be more about safety than looks.

Create a Good Impression

A poor-looking car park doesn’t exactly say a warm hello. But you want your visitors to get a good impression and start off good. An appealing parking lot may have them questioning your quality and safety and you surely don’t want that.