Packages Press – DIY Publishing

Self publishing the book is something popular for different reasons. Sometime it is not easy to secure traditional publishing contract with the publishing company since they are not easy to get and there are many rights that you have to give up before you sign for one.  When you go for the DIY Publishing option, you will keep the rights over the final product and you will publish the book at a low cost and you can use the traditional marketing method while advertising yourself.  Regardless of why you decide to do it, DIY Publishing is the best way that you can make the book to be available to any person who has this interest.

Before you start to write a book, you have to be aware that you will need enough time to finish it. You may spend around 4 to 12 hours every day writing for many months and even some years before you finish the book.   You should know when you are likely to be creative and to set that time for your creative job.  You should also have time to read while you are writing since it is the superfood you need to continue writing.

Be prepared since self publishing may take much initiative with enough drive. You have to remember that your passion is taking your book to public and this will help you through the frustrations you may meet in your way.

diyIt is not good to go for print book always but consider the digital print instead.  For the book that does not have any photos, illustrations or graphics, it is good to put out the book first as an e-book to see how people react to it before trying the hard copies.  If there is anyone who needs your book, then you can go for the POD which is the place where you do submit the electronic copy of the book and the vendor is the one to print it out.  The vendors may distribute the book to other sellers but most of the time; they will sell the book online.

If you are DIY Publishing, it is good to learn about the publishing packages that you can benefit from. With One-click publishing package, you will only have to click and you are done.  This is a package where you get marketing and publishing service in one bundle. Black and white interior helps you to customize the publishing experience using the available package. Each one of them offers different level of the customization together with a full color cover, black and white interior and the world-wide distribution.  Full color interior is the package that brings out the colors in the book you want to publish. The package is important for a children’s book and for a travel journal and a collective book of a photographer.  E-book only is the service offered for the publisher who wants a conversion process needed to turn the manuscript in the full formatted e-book and it can be distributed to the other channels that sell the e-book.