How to replace a windshield?

If the windshield has a dent or crack, it is a nuisance and also a distraction from the road. A split larger than a dollar can obstruct the view of the road, prevent it from driving safely, as well as diminish the integrity of the overall stability of the vehicle. Do not risk theft or water damage if the car window is broken. Sometimes you can take for granted what is the apparently simple function of auto glass, but not for Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City. We are interested in the people behind the glass: our customers and their families.

We are proud of our ability to offer a quick and hassle-free window and windshield replacement service so you remain safe on the road. At Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City we use a comprehensive process that guarantees that no step is missed when replacing the windshield. When you choose us to install a windshield, our technicians will follow the following steps: The technician will explain the entire process: the removal, replacement, and installation of the new windshield.

Then the technician will completely remove the previous windshield. With the most advanced primers and adhesives on the market, as well as our innovative TrueSeal technology, the technician will place a new windshield on most vehicles. The technician will clean all the windows and vacuum all broken glass of your vehicle. The technician will tell you about the one-hour drying adhesive, which will allow you to drive quickly and safely again. Thanks to the quality of glass for cars that we use to replace your windshield, Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City is proud to offer something unique in the industry: the national guarantee for life.

Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City Advantage:

When you think of a service of a car glass company, there are certain factors that distinguish Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City. We call it Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City Advantage. It means that when you choose Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City, the largest specialist in glasses for vehicles in the United States, has the reliability, which is:

We are always at your disposal

Glasses can be damaged at any time. Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City is always available to you. Schedule your appointment on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or contact our representatives 365 days a year at our contact centers.

You will know who to expect

When you schedule a Mark’s Mobile Glass Kansas City home service, for your peace of mind, you will receive an email with the technician profile, which will include your name, a photo, and credentials before you arrive. We are in favor of, whenever it is viable, to repair the windshield instead of replacing it with a new one, to protect the environment and save time and money. A damaged windshield represents a danger to you and your companions and should be repaired as soon as possible. Therefore, if you have an impact on your front moon do not hesitate to contact us.


we only use approved glass and manufactured in accordance with the standards established by manufacturers of leading brands (OEM) which in turn supply the automotive industry, so we can guarantee that all the glass we install is of the same quality as the one of the original. Take a look at our brief presentation to see how we change a broken windshield for another of the same quality as the original one.


For more information about the repair process, you can see the presentation: A repaired windshield regains its original strength. We work closely with all the insurance companies of the national territory, so when you need our service you will only have to arrange an online appointment and we will take care of managing all the procedures with your insurer.

The best replacement technology

Our patented TrueSeal system allows you to place the new windshield in the exact position to ensure the most reliable seal. In addition, we recycle most windshields, which makes replacement a more environmentally friendly option. The repair service has no cost to the insured and also, in most cases, does not affect your premium bonus for non-claims. The replacement cost will be covered by your insurance company, but depending on your insurer and type of policy may affect the premium bonus for non-claims. Do not worry, even if your insurance does not include moons coverage, we can help you. If you need a quote, call us at 902 107 967 or make an appointment online and one of our belligerents will call you. See what other customers think of us and leave your vehicle in good hands.

More resistant repairs

Exclusive resin GlassHealer is why our windshield repairs resistant and last longer. Penetrate better through the cracks so that your windshield recovers the resistance. Other replacement services we offer include side window replacement and rear window replacement.


The repair service has no cost to the insured and also, in most cases, does not affect your premium bonus for non-claims. The cost of replacing your front window will be covered by your insurance company, but depending on your insurer and type of policy may affect the premium bonus for non-claims.


Our agents will provide you with the cost of the repair service of your windshield as well as the cost of the replacement, which will depend on the type of glass you need to change. Contact us. Are you ready for the windshield replacement that will make it easier to go where you need it? Let us begin. Schedule an online service today. These are the most important vehicle glass service needs of our customers and we are pleased to satisfy them. An advantage is the reason why large insurance companies and fleets, as well as more than five million drivers, trust us every year.